Thyme French (50 seeds/pack)

Thyme French (50 seeds/pack)

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*It is a low-growing, bushy thyme with gray narrow leaves. Once established, it tolerates drought very well and requires little care. Honeybees love the white flowers of this Thyme plant. How to grow:

*Germination: 14-21 days *Sow on surface of damp soil. Pinch off growing tips of upright varieties to make bushier plants. *Prefer well-drained but relatively poor soil. Thyme plants are susceptible to fungal diseases, avoid over watering. Wetting their leaves, while watering, also reduces their fragrance.

*To keep plants from becoming too woody, cut back plants by one half after flowering, to encourage new growth. Thyme will become woody and needs to be divided or replaced after 3-4 years. For cooking:

* French Thyme has grayer and sweeter than English Thyme. Best culinary varieties, used in herb vinegars, breads, and butters. Essential in French cooking.