Oregano Kirigami (5 seeds/pack)

Oregano Kirigami (5 seeds/pack)

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* Germination: 7 to 14 days (very fine seeds)

* Height: 20 - 25cm

* Kirigami is a new variety of ornamental oregano. It has small, rounded, light green, aromatic leaves adorned with purple-green highlights. This oregano has purplish green bracts, rose pink blossoms and light green leaves. Watch the purple color increase in bright light and cool nights. You’ll enjoy the fuller habit of this ornamental oregano variety.

* This is an edible oregano however the flavor is not as fine as the true Greek Oregano

* Easy care herbs and can be grown in hot environment. Prefer well drained soil and full sun environment (avoid noon direct hot sun)

* Sow on surface of damp soil. Spray mist whenever the soil is dry. Put at a bright cover such as window until it germinate.

* Avoid over watering and over fertilisation