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Nai You Pak Choy (500 seeds/pack)

Nai You Pak Choy (500 seeds/pack)

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* Grow well in Malaysia weather

* Harvest in 30 days

* Good texture for eating

* Height: 7-10cm How to grow:

* Sow seeds on surface of damp compost. Avoid light until germination

* Once germinated, move seedlings to bright environment. Transplant seedlings 12 to 18 inches apart from one another in all directions. Make sure seedlings are protected from wind, heat and drought. Side-dress plants with compost three weeks after sowing seeds. Set compost in rings around individual plants, or in narrow bands several inches in front of each row.

* Watering after sunset or before 9am and ensure that the soil remains moist. Cover plants with shade cloth in the afternoon during hot weather

* Harvest by cutting off the entire loose bunch of leaf stalks at the base of the plant when it reaches the large leaf stage

* Sow new rows every two or three weeks so that you'll have a consistent supply