Hyssop (100 seeds/pack)

Hyssop (100 seeds/pack)

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* Height: 2ft (60cm)

* Germination: 7 to 10 days

* Sow seed on surface of compost and gently firm down compost. Keep soil damp but not wet. Hyssop likes a warm position and light, well-drained alkaline soil. It will tolerate soil as alkaline as pH 8. Full sun is best, but light shade will do..

* Prune it hard to encourage new growth. Pinching out the tips of the stems will promote bushier plants;Older plants form neat, rounded bushes 1 to 3 feet high; younger plants are looser in form.

* Narrow dark green leaves are slightly bitter, tasty in small amounts in salads, soups, and stews. Medicinally hyssop is used as a gargle for sore throat.