Flax Blue (50 Seeds/pack)

Flax Blue (50 Seeds/pack)

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* Height: 12 to 14 inches

* The flowers are up to 2 inches (5 cm) across

* Once planted, Blue Flax will survive well, spread, and reseed; as long as it is allowed to follow its natural habits.

* Prefers sunny, dry locations. Remember NOT to fertilize or plant Blue Flax in a wet location.

* Special Characteristics

1) Edible – The seeds are edible, but only if cooked. The raw, uncooked seeds are poisonous. The cooked seeds have a nutty flavor and a high oil content.

2) Poisonous – Although the plants and raw, uncooked seeds contain a cyanogenetic substance (a substance capable of making cyanide) and are somewhat poisonous, animals will feed on the foliage and seeds, but they do avoid the fruit.