Chives Garlic Chives (50 seeds/pack)

Chives Garlic Chives (50 seeds/pack)

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* Height: 12 inches

* Also called Chinese garlic leeks, this herb has a mild garlic flavor and can be used to flavor cooked vegetables, fresh salads, or sprinkled into soups and stir frys.

* Prepare a pot with a mixture of good quality potting soil. The pot should be at least 18 inches in diameter and over 12 inches deep.Germinate garlic chive seeds by planting each seed about 1.5 inch deep in flats or right into the potting soil.

* Harvest the leaves once they reach a height of 6 inches. Cut the leaves with a sharp implement to prevent tearing of the leaf. When cutting the leaves, only cut what is needed and allow the remaining leaves to grow. This ensures the gardener will always have fresh, tender leaves to cut. Save any remaining leaves by either freeze-drying them or simply placing them in a plastic bag and freezing in the freezer.