Carrot Little Finger (30 seeds/pack)

Carrot Little Finger (30 seeds/pack)

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* Harvest in 2-4 months. To ensure a continuous harvest, plant a new round of seeds every 3 weeks.

* Need full sunlight. Grow well in 12 inches airy and loamry soil (without rock, stones, clay, soil clumps)

* Germination: 2-3 weeks (Slow germination).

* Sow 0.5cm deep and 10cm apart.

* To avoid disturb carrot's root, sow directly in the garden.

* Fertilize with a low-nitogen but high-potassium and -phosphate fertilizer 5 to 6 weeks after sowing. (Note that excess nitrogen in the soil promotes top, or foliage, growth—not roots.)