Cabbage Red Acre (30 seeds/pack)

Cabbage Red Acre (30 seeds/pack)

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Reddish-purple, globe shaped, heads that can add real color and beauty to your vegetable garden.

Each cabbage head reaches up 6 to 7 inches in diameter

Suitable for small gardens as it takes up less space Sow seeds thinly 12mm deep in rows 23cm apart. If the soil is dry, water well and allow to drain before sowing.

Transplant at the 5-6 leaf stage allowing 25-46cm between plants. The soil should be firm and contain plenty of well rotted compost etc, preferably from a previous crop, it should also be well limed.* Eaten raw or cooked, cabbages are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Try to use all healthy outer leaves, as the darkest green leaves contain the most nutrients.