Borage (20 seeds/pack)

Borage (20 seeds/pack)

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* Germination: 2 to 3 weeks

* Height: 24 to 36 inches

* Partial sun * Soil: Rich and well drained soil. Avoid water clogged

* Cold weather herbs. Need experience to handle if growing in Malaysia.

* Hairy leaves and stems and beautiful sky-blue flowers in a star shape.

* Within six to eight weeks, harvesting of the foliage can begin. Be sure to select young and tender leaves and flowers for your salads and summer drinks. Older leaves, which gradually develop a darker hue, are prickly to touch, being covered with a downy fuzz of hairs.

* Usage: Culinary, decorative, and medicinal. Leaves can be eaten raw or sauteed like spinach. They are used in teas and to flavor wine cups. The candied leaves or stems can be used with cheese, fish, poultry, most vegetables, green salads, iced beverages, pickles, and salad dressing. The flowers are used for garnish or in salads. The plants attract bees and butterflies, and the blue flowers are very attractive. Borage can be grown in containers indoors. It is said to have medicinal qualities.