Beetroot (20 seeds/pack)

Beetroot (20 seeds/pack)

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(beta vulgaris)

* Harvest in 60 days.

* This plant is a sweet, healthy vegetable loaded with antioxidants. Its red pigments contain cancer-preventing and heart-protecting properties. How to grow:

*Sow seeds 2 cm deep on damp compost, keep the soil moist and avoid water clogged. Transplant the seedlings reach 2 cm in height, remove the weaker of the seedlings to give the vigorous plants room to grow (12cm between seeds). Till the soil to prepare it, remove weeds and any other debris, stones that might impede root growth.

*Beetroot likes neutral, moist, fertile soil without too much lime or acidity (pH 6.5-7.0). The soil should be soft and not have too much clay or too much sand

*Applying too much nitrogen can cause lots of leafy growth and little root development. If you notice large leaves and smaller roots, reduce fertiliser applications or switch to a fertiliser with lower nitrogen levels.

*The beetroots are ready to harvest when they are approximately the size of a small orange; too large and they won't be as tasty.

*Sow beetroot every 14 days for a continuous harvest