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Hot Pepper Habenero (50 seeds)

Hot Pepper Habenero (50 seeds)

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Habenero peppers has 2 inches long, green to red colours and waxy, glossy skin. This bushy plant has leaves in oval shape and with deep glossy green color. It's one of the hottest peppers (100,000 to 445,000 on the Scoville scale, which is a method of measuring the levels of capsicum, or spice, in peppers.)

* Be careful for old age people, pregnant women, kids, and contact to eyes.

* It needs bright sun, warm temperatures and well-drained soil. Sow seeds ½ inch deep on the surface of well drained soil. Move seedlings outside when they have at least six mature leaves and 18 inches apart in the garden in a full sun location.

* Deep watering when the soil is dry. Avoid sunscald and to keep peppers from drying out and cracking. Matured in 90 -100 days